Our Story

We build trailers for men and women who begin working before the sun rises, and don’t always stop when it sets. Fair-West builds custom enclosed trailers for those who have never heard of a 40-hour work week, and whose commitment to feeding our nation drives us to constant improvement. We choose excellence in design, fabrication, finish, and customer service because that’s the spirit of our customers. We build for the American farmer and rancher. We make custom built trailers great, still.


Known for a quality built, tough, and dependable trailer made with the top components and craftsmanship to match. Our livestock trailer manufacturers have taken the strides and falters that have come along the way to continue the legacy and quality that these trailers have been known for. We specialize in steel livestock trailers and custom aluminum trailers but have been known throughout the years to build pretty much anything that is thrown at us. Along with our livestock trailers, we construct a variety of small to medium sized utility and flatbed trailers.


We have set ourselves apart by offering semi-custom and fully custom trailer options that consumers cannot get at medium to large-scale operations. Our customers and custom trailer sales dealers always come first, so we strive to provide them with the information and tools needed to keep their trailers on the road. With a full service department, and parts store we are equipped to provide any type of service needed on a wide variety of trailers.


When you buy a Fair West, the investment does not stop when you pull it off of the lot. We pride ourselves, and believe we set ourselves apart with our service. You will see this service in action as we take the extra steps needed to ensure our customers are satisfied and safe on the road.

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