Can Steel Cattle Trailers Endure Winter?



Steel cattle trailers are better than those made of other materials for many reasons that all ultimately boil down to steel’s superior chemical and physical properties. Let’s explore the various characteristics of this incredible metal so you can see how your agricultural business is set to benefit when you purchase the right custom built trailer.

The Triple Threat of Cold, Rain and Frost

Although aluminum cattle trailers are quite good when it comes to resistance to the elements, they still fall short of the longevity offered by steel cattle trailers from Fair West Trailers. Consider the main causes of damage from cold, rain and frost that can harm your business and discover all the benefits of choosing steel bumper pull livestock trailers or steel gooseneck livestock trailers.

  • Cold air causes the metal to contract as water freezes on its surface. This means that tight spots are pushed and pulled at the microscopic level, slowly damaging the more delicate parts of your trailer beyond repair.
  • Frost is an additional problem as it sticks to metal and causes ongoing harm to your trailer.
  • When ferrous metals come in contact with water, rust will begin to develop. Eventually, this rust will eat through your trailer and cause it to be completely non-functional.

aluminum cattle trailers

The Pros of Steel Cattle Trailers for Sale

There are a number of important benefits of choosing steel over more traditional aluminum cattle trailers for sale when it comes to buying a new trailer. Take a look at some of the most useful properties of this wondrous construction material.

  • When you look for “cattle trailers for sale near me” and having your doubts about which type of trailer to go with, remember that each of our livestock trailers is completely MIG welded, sandblasted, primed and finished with the finest Urethane topcoat.
  • Steel cattle trailers are relatively light for its size. This’ll save you plenty of money on fuel and you’ll do something good for the environment at the same time.
  • Steel gooseneck stock trailers for sale in Texasis often cheaper than those made with aluminum. We have plenty of options available so you can pick exactly the right model for your budget and overall needs.

New Trailers Are Available Right Now

We have constructed a wide range of durable and efficient steel cattle trailers that you can drive away right now. Each of our livestock trailers is completely MIG welded, sandblasted, primed and finished with the finest Urethane topcoat. Whatever your specific livestock needs might be, our professional agricultural engineers will provide you with all the information you should consider before you make a purchase. Discover all the new trailers and make the most of your farming business.

Choose steel cattle trailers for the best possible results. Guard yourself against the elements and your farm will thrive.